Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raven Quinn

One disadvantage to discovering an indie artist with a following is that I feel like I showed up late to a party. I just discovered Raven a few weeks ago, and found out that her self-titled debut album has been out since March 2010 and she's already started work on her follow up album. Oh well, learning about her hasn't exactly been a chore :)
Let's get the obvious out of the way, Raven is simply gorgeous, and she's got a amazingly versatile voice, she sounds at home with full on rockers (Giving Up The Ghost, Decadence, The Window) and beautiful ballads (Angel, Ballerina In A Music Box, Lotus)

She can stand her ground with any female rock vocalist I've heard and she deserves more attention than she's gotten. If you love strong songwriting and powerful vocals then you need to give Raven a listen.

If you're into Rock Band, she currently has three songs up on Rock Band Network (Decadence, Catalyst and The Window) so if you like the tunes, be sure to grab them.

She's also an amazing artist and there are some examples on her Facebook page, she's hinted that she might be offering some of her works for sale in the future.

Raven's official site is and she can also be found on MySpace Twitter and Facebook

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