Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Nearly Deads

I know a lot of people automatically think of country music when Nashville is mentioned, but I've seen so many amazing pop and rock bands come out out of there, it's becoming at least as important as Los Angeles or New York City for bands wanting to get heard.

The Nearly Deads is one of those amazing bands. As is becoming increasingly common, I found them because they started following me on Twitter, probably because I was following friends of theirs - Darling Parade (note to bands, Twitter is becoming an excellent way to find new fans, I've almost lost count of how many singers/band I've discovered due to a follow - more on this and the use of other social media in a future blog post)

The Nearly Deads are:
Theresa Jeanne (Vocals/keyboard)
Steve Tobi (Guitar)
Cory Walen (Drums)
Keith Lee (Bass)

Their self-titled EP in March 2011, and it's a solid alt-rock album, thoughtful lyrics, great musicianship and Theresa Jeanne's vocals are captivating.  She's got an extremely strong vocal presence and has just enough of a bite to her voice to keep things interesting. Stand-out tracks are "Thanks For Nothing" (which I can see featuring on someone's ugly break-up playlist) and the Paramore-esque "Never Look Back" the entire EP is impressive though, and well worth the listen.

Their EP is available on iTunes and check out the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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